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The new £ 5 note has fiercely outraged all vegans UK



The new £ 5 note has fiercely outraged all vegans UK

The new £ 5 note has fiercely outraged all vegans UK.

What do you think?


The Bank of England has confirmed via Twitter that the new fiver contains animal fat, enough for vegans are appalled and condemn bluntly using “traces of fat” in the new design of paper bearing the image motif Winston Churchill, along with a classic legend of British Prime Minister during World War : “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.”


The new and indestructible £ 5 note has gone mad British, is made of plastic and with the image of Queen Elizabeth on one side and the conservative leader of the other, the bill was presented by the authorities of the Bank of England as “more strong”.

“Is it true that the new notes of £ 5 contain fat?” Asked Steffi Rox on Twitter. To which the Bank of England said: “yes there is a trace of fat in the compressed polymer used in the base notes of £ 5 polymer.


Tallow is a form of fat beef or mutton, sometimes used in the production of items such as soap or candles.


It is the first time that animal fat is used to make a ticket, at least since records. It is therefore not surprising that a petition on asking the bank to withdraw them and constructed new ones in those who do not use any animal, has obtained nearly 10,000 signatures initially requested (presumably that will expand the quota in the next few hours) within 24 hours.

Here are some tweets in which reject the new and “indestructible” £ 5 note.


What do you think about this?



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