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Emily Ratajkowski Posts Topless Pic To Protest Trump’s



Emily Ratajkowski Posts Topless Pic To Protest Trump’s

Emily Ratajkowski Posts Topless Pic On Instagram To Protest Trump’s Gross Stance On Women’s Issues


Emily Ratajkowski took a stand against President Donald Trump’s sexist deems in her own path -by announcing a topless photo on Instagram! Emily is about figure positivity, and she urged that theme to her admirers.

Emily Ratajkowski , 25, is no love of next Donald Trump , and has represented that clear in social media affixes. In an Instagram posted to her narration on November 11, she took on his egregious misogynistic deems by announcing a figure positive photo. Emily posed topless, and wrote the powerful theme” my figure, my pick” next to herself. Sounds that, president-elect?

Trump has been largely criticized for the 2005 tapes released before the election in which he said that he grabbed women” by the p *** y .” It’s an extremely scandalizing context to react, and beings all across the country have spoken out about the informal misogyny. It’s unacceptable , no matter if it happened 11 years ago. And yet, the man was still  elected  president on November 8



Trump has also gone back and forth on his stance on abortion rights. The phrase” my torso, my selection ,” is used in the pro-choice movement to demand that pro-lifers allow them to make their own decisions about having abortions. Trump has said in the past that he supports abortions in cases of rape or incest, or if the mother’s life is in danger. But he has also flip-flopped and used to say girls should be “punished” for having abortions. So which is it?

Donald Trump Post-Election Protests — Pics

To make topics worse, Mike Pence “re gonna be all” vice president. Mike is the person who initiated the governmental forces shutdown to defund Planned Parenthood. He also attempted to pass a statute as governor of Indiana that would require girls to have funerals for aborted fetuses, or even their miscarriages.

HollywoodLifers , do you think Emily’s photo was a good way to protest Trump? Tell us in the comments!

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