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3 Truths everyone should know about women who have faced a caesarean



3 Truths everyone should know about women who have faced a caesarean

3 Truths everyone should know about women who have faced a caesarean

They have overcome major challenges.


As a man I’m suppose to carry a pregnancy for any woman must be a difficult task. Not only for the effort, responsibility and work that involves carrying a child for nine months , but also by the fact of having to bring it to the world. And here not only women who have natural childbirth, also undergoing caesarean sections.

The latter for some may not seem like the heroines of the stories of pregnancy but today I would like to claim them . Like it or not my mother had two pregnancies by caesarean  and I know several others who have also had to. They also have also had to overcome major challenges like these:


1. They face the consequences as warriors of intervention SURGICAL


It is a more common operation that may be, it is still a surgical procedure which involves other risks that, although minor, are risks to end. Moreover, in this type of surgery it is very difficult for the future dad or a family member may be present. Therefore, expectant mothers are alone, without the possibility of receiving support and full of uncertainty. There can be no better example of that battle, where fear and loneliness fighting internally against strength, the will and the unconditional love that these women endure just to get that beautiful baby.

2. Until leaving the operating room, they can not know if everything is okay


The risk does not end with the birth of the baby. As with all surgery until the patient leaves the operating room and its anesthesia can not determine if everything has been successful. There is also a detail that few know: during caesarean section mother is aware, no pain, but feel the whole movement happens inside . It is an unpleasant sensation, invasive and, if previously you are not aware of this, it can be even traumatic. Still, they carry on with their heads high because they know that the reward is great.

3. broadcasts bypass their recovery after cesarean section as true heroines


When a child is born, a mother’s world revolves around him and go without hesitation to their demands. This requires a whole predisposition and logistics, which is often exhausting. Imagine doing all that with the pain of the scar. Yes, with pain, because the failure to bid, not distance you from pain, discomfort and inconvenience involving recovering from surgery are quite large.

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