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This hen was very depressed until he found a turkey orphan and changed his life



This hen was very depressed until he found a turkey orphan and changed his life

This hen was very depressed until he found a turkey orphan and changed his life.

How sweet.


The first time Umber, the hen, came to the shrine, no one was expected to have a maternal instinct .In fact, a while after being rescued, Umber seemed sad and unwilling to do anything with her life … she spent a long time in a house where they tried to raise chickens , and from there, who returned unless it was before. ” I was broody , ” said Yan Piebird, founder of the Piebierd Farm Sanctuary . The owners of the sanctuary was told that Umber with glazed eyes, not wanting to move from her nest, as if in hibernation all the time.


That’s why when this small turkey farm appeared in Nipissing, Ontario, nobody expected him to adopt Umber out. There were no turkeys in the shelter they could do mothers, and for this small just two days of life, a chicken was enough.

“With a little baby in the door, there’s really no other choice. But the kind of beauty in these loves is always very timely. ”


Suddenly, Umber rose enough to make some space below it for the turkey, that’s when Merle jumped and landed on his hot feathers.


From that moment they are inseparable. A small turkey and chicken found this traumatized each other.

“Umber saw company. She saw warmth. He saw motherhood. ”


Within hours, Merl scurried around the nesting area, willing to explore their environment. Umber followed: separated from her nest com hoping to follow the curiosity of small turkey.


“It took a day since the baby was running around all over, while his mother was still a little depressed. But then she woke up. One can only lie for so long when there is a little running around your feet all the time. ”



Umber Merl taught some of the basic things about being a turkey … or at least being chicken.


“Chickens and turkeys interact with the world slightly differently, but there are many similarities.”


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