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13 female outfits that men love in silence



13 female outfits that men love in silence

13 female outfits that men love in silence

But what fascinates us is to feel comfortable.


As a man, my advice has always been not comment much on the clothes of our girlfriends. It is best to keep quiet to avoid any problems. There are others however that experts believe in fashion and tell their wives how they should dress , as they are able to wear sandals with socks without being disturbed. How unfair life is! The truth is that in terms of female attire know very little, but that does not mean we have our favorites, which do not always say in public to, well, no problems.

Le consulted several men of different ages, what were your favorite female attire and these were the 13 selected. 


1. Skinny Jeans


Yes, those jeans make us crazy. And eye, that no matter what figure you have, always will be fascinating to our eyes. It’s our favorite outfit, especially in summer.


2. White shirt and jeans


One of the things he is a man like simplicity, is why a white shirt with jeans always kill us. We like to see them simple and comfortable, as if they have to give explanations to anyone.


3. leggings or tights


They are the new favorite outfit of men, even if society would use so permitted (speaking for myself).In the meantime, we must settle for seeing them in our women.


4. Leather Jacket


We love women with leather jacket because they provide this an intriguing personality and a rebel look that always hypnotizes us. It is very difficult to say no to a woman in a leather jacket, sometimes frightens us.


5. high boots


They say that again recently and are now at their best. We men, the truth is I never understood why they disappeared (or why we do not see much).

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