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10 common and uncomfortable problems women suffer during the period


10 common and uncomfortable problems women suffer during the period

10 common and uncomfortable problems women suffer during the period

Indigestion, sadness, stains .. Help


Women faced with the pain and discomfort since we were small. First when we lay preadolescent growth spurt, then when we reached the period

and finally when we have children. As if this were not enough, during the menstrual cycle we are not only suffer pain, but we must also be attentive to the discomforts and problems that arise, for example, the tragic mood swings, the desire to eat the world and annoying spots on the clothes.These are typical things that we succeed when we are in “our time”:

1. Fatigue

The explosion of hormones more fluid retention deplete our body and end up feeling as if we had not eaten all day.

2. cramps

Fluid retention is the culprit, and the only way to fight it is doing some exercise. Yoga, pilates or walking are excellent to avoid cramps.

3. Acne

The hormonal explosion during the period directly affects the proportion of fat in our skin and therefore on our face. Ideally, to avoid or reduce acne at this time is to eat more fruits and vegetables diuretics, these not only serve to spread the fats but also deflate.

4. Irritability / stress / sadness

Typical comes the period and hormones make you go out of control. You are angry, happy, sad and a cocktail of emotions more. If you want my advice, try not to pay much attention to your feelings during those days.

5. Giant Hunger and cold

The expulsion of blood during those days makes our body burn a lot of fat, so we suffer hunger these days is atrocious. In addition, they can make 30 degrees and a little breeze will we freeze us

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