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10 popular tricks of life that really are useless


10 popular tricks of life that really are useless

1. Ketchup packaging to make pancakes? Do not do it!

safe_image-2-19By Alvaro Valenzuela

The trick: Use empty ketchup bottles and dispensers to make excellent pancakes or waffles.

Why it is false? : First, it is very difficult to place the entire mixture in the bottle and end up creating a mess in your kitchen. In addition you a lot in making pancakes boarded a decent size because the mixture does not fall so fast. It is also likely to have a little taste of ketchup.

2. The electric toasters not make good cheese sandwiches cast

1-toasters-dont-make-good-grilled-cheese-2Grilled Cheese Social

The trick : Make a sandwich toaster putting aside putting each piece of bread with cheese on top.

Why wrong? : Besides you could make a fire in your house, the method does not work. Pour cheese bread in the toaster and the product will not be what you expect.

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