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Psychology Behind Using Facebook


Psychology Behind Using Facebook

Psychology Behind Using Facebook,why we post,share,like and comment regularly.

Arriving home after a long day you take off your shoes, make yourself a drink and, ironically, sit in front of your computer again!!!While at the office you spent almost all your time in front computer. It is normal how many of us communicate with others through social media channels like Facebook and others.But do you know the reason behind of  it ?

Today we explain you the reason behind of it.


  • Why we post

  • Why we share

  • Why we like

  • Why we comment

The likes, comments and posts we share on social media can often seem inconsequential, but they matter. They tap into some of the very elements that make us human, our addictions, desires, anxieties and joys.

  • Some Features Provided By Facebook

    You can use it to build a professional profile.

You can use it to share photos easily.

It offers free video messaging.

Groups are better than bulletin boards.

It’s the easiest method for remembering birthdays.

It offers a simple way of spreading awful opinions.

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