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Sherlock Holmes The Movie – A film Review


Sherlock Holmes The Movie – A film Review

This is one of those movies where I was shocked that it wasn’t made sooner. I must say that this film really starts off with a bang and I love that. I love it when a movie captures the attention of the audience, right from the get go. There is nothing worse then an action movie starting out slow and boring.

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This film takes place in London in 1890. The smart, witty and eccentric Sherlock Holmes is busy either fighting crime, inventing things or infuriating the people around him. Teamed up with his fellow crime stopper Dr. Watson, they make quite a dynamic duo. They really feed off of each other really well.

The cast is highlighted by Robert Downey Jr. who does a wonderful job as Sherlock Holmes. That certainly wasn’t hard to predict, he is about the best in the business, in my opinion. Jude Law as Watson who also does a great job. The cast is rounded out by Rachel McAdams and Mark Strong.

The film features a very interesting plot and really keeps you guessing. It is really action packed, but not over the top. There is nothing worse than an over the top action movie where nothing is believable. Holmes and Watson keep you entertained through out the movie and I think the length of the film was right on.


The film keeps you interested through out and entertained through out. I love the action scenes and Holmes is such a complex personality that he alone can keep you entertained through out, even when there isn’t an action scene. He is unmatched when it comes to finding clues and putting everything together, even before it happens. Robert Downey Jr.’s whit and charm never gets old with me and he absolutely nails this role.

Overall, the film is well written and is filled with plenty of whit and humor. It is well directed by director Guy Ritchie, in the past I wasn’t too high on his previous films, but I really enjoyed this one. The acting is great with Robert Downey Jr. being the perfect fit for a Sherlock Holmes and Jude Law really delivers as Watson. All and all I would have to give this film an A- and I should point out that I’m a tough grader. Definitely a film that you should order on your Netflix, order Pay-per view or simply go out and rent.

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